SF6 Water Content Calculator

SF6 Water Content Calculator

This calculator estimates the amount of water, in milliliters, present in an SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) reservoir. This estimation is critical for correctly sizing an external drying canister, essential for moisture removal from the SF6 gas. 

For instance, if the calculator indicates approximately 15ml of water in an SF6 breaker, you can confidently select a drying canister with a maximum absorption capacity of 40ml, ensuring it is both adequate and efficient for the task. 

The underlying formulas used in this calculator come from our SF6 Dewpoint Calculator & standard conversion formulas. This calculation is meant to serve as an estimate, and we do not claim it to be 100% accurate. 

We offer custom drying canisters that can attach directly onto SF6 gas compartments. Many different fittings & configurations are available.