PinHold - SF6 Leak Repair Kit


Kit Designed to quickly patch pinhole size leaks in SF6 equipment. Fast curing epoxy holds the PinHold part in place over the leak. Once epoxy cures, bolt is tightened down to seal off leak.

Part Description

The PinHold – SF6 Leak Repair Kit was designed to quickly seal SF6 gas equipment that have formed small pinhole size leaks. Many epoxys are strong enough to hold back leaks, the issue is that as the epoxy cures, the SF6 gas leaks through and creates pathways for more leaks. Our design allows the epoxy to cure while still venting the gas through the top of the PinHold base. After the epoxy is cured, a bolt is tightened down onto the base ensuring a gas tight seal. Installation is quick and simple:


  1. Use sand paper to rough up area around leak to ensure proper adhesion for the epoxy
  2. Clean surface with alcohol wipe


  1. Mix epoxy resin with hardener
  2. Apply epoxy mix to base of PinHold
  3. Press PinHold base onto SF6 equipment with the leak centered on the bolt hole
  4. Wait 15 minutes, and then tighten bolt with torque wrench

Clean Up

  1. Replace cap on Epoxy syringe
  2. Dispose of any waste material

PinHold – SF6 Leak Repair Kit Features:

  • Quickly seal SF6 leaks
  • Small & portable waterproof kit
  • All in one kit for prep, application and cleanup

Repair Specs:

  • Shear Strength: 3,500 PSI in 15 minutes
  • Minimum Performance Temperature: -67 Degrees F
  • Maximum Performance Temperature: 250 Degrees F
  • Epoxy Hardness at Full Cure: 78 Shore D

Supplies Included (Enough for 5 Repairs):

• Fast Drying Epoxy Resin
• 5 PinHold Discs
• Bolt & Washer
• 80 grit block
• Alcohol to wipe down
• Small waste bag
• Popsicle stick
• Carrying Case

What SF6 Equipment Can This be Used On?

  • Any GIE (Gas Insulated Equipment) that uses Sulphur hexafluoride as a insulating medium, with a pinhole sized leak on a surface that is not on a sharp angle.



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